Thursday, June 25, 2009

Monkey See!

Savannah's glasses arrived on Monday. We made it a family affair once Jason arrived home from work that evening.

Here she is on her ride to pick them up.

The whole gang went to watch this new journey.
First pose with her new "pink" glasses.
She asked to look in the mirror.

A few more pictures for weepy mom just before we left.
At home with her new patch. This patch slides right over the lense verses an adhesive patch.Overall, she has adjusted famously. She is proud of "my glasses". She has had times where she wants to remove them but she is easily convinced to put them back on. I guess like most things dealing with your children, it is harder on you than your child. She is beautiful and amazing. I am so proud of her!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jason passes the Florida Land Surveyor Exam, Savannah gets a patch and Sophia puts a button on her nose!

Life is always interesting in our house. There is rarely time to be bored and I am okay with that!

First, Jason is focusing on Civil Engineering work since his BA is in Civil Engineering. However, he thought it would be a good idea to become a licensed land surveyor as well. After all, he has been in that field since before time began. Finally, after jumping through the "are you qualified to take the exam" hoops he took all three exams and PASSED! He took all three exams consecutively over a three day period a couple of months back. This was during the time we were both working extra jobs to recover lost income. He had no time to study and prayed that he would pass. His goal was to at least pass two of the exams. Of course, he ultimately hoped to pass all three on the first go. He did it! He did it! He has always been the type to barely or not-at-all study! That is why going to school together was not a good idea! I would study until I could not see straight and he would barely study and get a better grade! I am truly proud of him and always think about how one day he will get smart and find out he got the short end of the stick in our marriage. He is destined to do great things and anything he desires.

So here he is with his test scores! It was his idea to pose as a jailbird.

Second set of news is Savannah needs glasses. We saw an opthomologist last week due to Savannah's right eye turning inward. During the exam she was able to read the picture chart to help the staff determine her vision impairments. The doctor repeated over and over how Savannah was the first two-year old to be able to read the picture chart (shapes of animals and a birthday cake) in her 25 years of work! It really helps me carry on doing what I am doing when others around me can point out their progress. So many days I feel as if my wheels are spinning as fast as possible but I am making no progress. Thank you to everyone who tells me that I am making a difference. Back to Savannah, she has Amblyopia (lazy eye) and Hyperopia (farsighted). The treatment is a patch over the stronger eye (left eye) to correct the weak eye (right eye). She is to wear the patch 5-6 hours everyday. Also, she has prescription for eyeglasses and we should have them this week or early next week. Unfortunately, I have to patch her "good" eye even though her glasses are not here yet. She has had some difficulties grabbing things or misjudging the width or distance of the seat (potty or chair). She is handling it all like a champ! I am amazed by her strength and my heart is filling up with warm fuzzy feelings just watching my child in utter amazement!

We call her patch a band-aid. She accepts it and embraces it because it does make her different. I think she likes having something of her own. I ordered eye patches that look like animals to slide over her glasses. I bought the patches online last week and they included a bracelet in our order that says, "Patching makes my eye stronger." Several little kids have asked about her eye and I tell Savannah to show her bracelet to them and I explain what the patch does for her. She is proud of her bracelet and her patch. Temporarily, I have adhesive patches that have girly designs on them. I can not wait for her glasses to come in so we don't have to snatch the band-aid off of her eye several times a day. It hurts! Here is my big, strong, cutie! She loves to say, "My band-aid. My bracelet." Notice the pj tops and bottoms do not match. See the pictures below of Sophia to understand why she is not matching.

Sophia wraps up our third set of recent events. It is minor but funny! Okay, not really ha ha funny but it makes me grin to see her new facial feature! She went down a slide head first, on purpose. Thankfully, the landing was padded by carpet. Her face stopped in the carpet but her body kept going. I was terrified when I saw it but relieved when she jumped up whimpering. This is the result of a nose landing! I told her to point to her sore.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Trip to Universal Studios Orlando

Jason and I have not been anywhere other than our hometown since finding out we were pregnant with the three little piggies. I've had an itch to see a new place for a while. On a tight budget, traveling isn't a cost friendly activity. But, we managed a day trip to Universal Studios while remaining in the black. An offer came in the mail for one entry free and $59.00 for the next adult to Universal Studios. The kids are still able to get in for no charge. The drive was only 1 hour and 45 minutes. I packed plenty of fruit and milk. So, our only charges were fuel and lunch. We did opt to use valet services which helped us out tremendously. Everyone had a great time. We arrived at opening time. There were no lines! The weather was cooler that day! The kids were fantastic! Savannah spent most of the rides with her head buried into Jason. Here is a picture of her while we were walking through a Dr. Seuss maze. Tristan and Sophia braved the rides. They were not smiling and laughing but they were alert and strong. Here they are in the same maze. The Dr. Seuss Landing was the most 2-yr old friendly event. They had a huge carousel, that we rode three times in a row. It was such a great opportunity to be there while lines were not an issue! Here are the carousel pictures. We also went on a wet ride. It was the first ride of the day. The look on Sophia's and Tristan's face pretty much was the same on all the rides. I think they had the most fun at the end of the maze. Everyone enjoyed a break from the scary stuff and a nice splash in the water. We stopped for lunch. Here is goofy Savannah and mommy. Three takes and finally we get the picture. After lunch we happened upon a Blues Brother concert. The kids had such a great time dancing and listening to the music. Here are a few videos of the sweetness! Please ignore my voice and madness.

It was a very relaxed trip (as relaxed as you can get with triplets). I am so glad we went and hope to make another trip to Orlando very soon

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

6 minutes of TLC

Tristan always awakes before his sisters (morning and nap time). It is a great time to show off his new singing skills. Also, we can practice his ability to count to ten; although, it has never been proven to anyone other than myself and Jason (and still remains that way today). His favorite songs are "Happy Birthday" and "ABC's". I was able to tape some of his counting and some of his singing but you will see what a monster I have created with all the pictures and videos. All the kids love to "look and see" themselves. On the video camera, I can record them and flip the screen for them to watch. All of my posted videos are made with my photo camera which does not allow them to watch while taping. I tried to translate a lot of his words during the video. Plus, the kids love to hear you verify that you understand what they are saying. Enjoy a little TLC.

All the kids are such a joy. It is great to find some quiet time with each of them. Their personalities shine when visiting alone with mommy or daddy. Hopefully, I can capture Sophia and Savannah alone one day soon. That is a little more difficult since the two of them are like peanut butter and jelly.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Look who is two!

What an event! I have realized that we get a money BREAK with having triplets on this one event. Having three children share the exact birthday means one big party, right? I guess that will work for a few more years.

The plan was to travel back to our hometown to celebrate with family and long-time friends. We wanted to have an outdoor park party with cake. Since the weather would not cooperate we went from a small budget party to a large budget party at a bowling alley. They had so much fun though. It was complete chaos but it was very memorable.

Each of my pumpkins had their own birthday cake. They truly enjoyed blowing out their candles and having Happy Birthday sung to each of them one by one in birth order.

We are very thankful for our friends and family. Their great aunts sent them birthday cards with money- already! I wonder if I got money at the age of two?

Here are some photos of the birthday and later with some of our presents.
First family photo of the day.

Sophia's Cake

Savannah's Cake

Tristan's Cake

Tristan moves into a toddler bed

First, I want to say I am so sorry that I have not updated my blog in such a long time. I promise to start making this a top priority when I get a break and not Facebook!

Tristan moved into a toddler bed because he learned how to climb out of his pack and play which led to climbing out of his crib. My first gut reaction was to buy a crib tent. For those who do not have young kids this is what a tent looks like.

Then I thought about the price of a tent $50-60. For $55.00 I was able to get a toddler bed at WalMart and use his crib mattress.

The transition has been fairly seamless. We are still teaching him that 3am, 5am and so on is not the time to get up. I really want to try this product that allows you to set a time for the image of a sun to appear. Here is the product... click here-Goodnite Lite
However, it is pricey and possibly back ordered. I will continue to do what I do and that is to walk him back to his room and explain, "The trees are asleep. The sun is asleep. Your sisters are asleep. You need to go to sleep. Don't get out of bed until mommy comes to get you."

Naps are easy. He is normally so worn out by 12:30 pm - 1:00pm that there is little hesitation on his part.

I am not sure how long the girls will stay in cribs. I figure they can stay there until they reach an appropriate age (meaning I am ready) or they start climbing out. Maybe by the time they are potty trained they will have beds. For now they are quite content with their cribs and I feel Savannah would have a problem with such a huge change; She likes things to stay just as they are.

Here are the kids helping daddy with the assembly of the bed and pictures of the big boy in his new bed.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More ice cream.

This was the scene after meeting Jason for lunch. I loaded everyone into their car seats with a shake in a regular cup with a straw for our drive home. Sophia and Tristan are not pictured because they were very clean and their cups were fully intact.
I promise to everyone that I do give my children well-balanced meals most days. However, the kids get to enjoy the bad (but oh so good) stuff once in a while as well.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Ice cream!

The kids had their first ice cream cones last weekend. We went to the park and afterwards we walked to Baskin Robbins. The kids sat in their chairs like big kids - ice cream helps that!

I chose chocolate for Savannah. Big mistake on my part. She is very messy at all times. Thankfully, I am now a pro at removing stains. Move aside Kate Gosselin, there is a new stain remover in town!

I picked cookies n' cream for Sophia. She is the tidy one of the three (should've given her the chocolate). You can see she is clenching her
napkin. Eventually, Savannah and Sophia made a swap.

Since Tristan loves - I do mean loves-strawberries he got strawberry ice cream. I think he liked it. What do you think?

After Sophia finished her cone, Tristan shared his ice cream with Sophia. He is truly a great big brother. He adores his sisters.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Pac-man, rolling over and ring around the rosey

This is the scene every time I vacuum. It reminds me of my all-time favorite arcade game, PacMan. The vacuum turns on and I take on the role of PacMan and the kids are the ghosts. They chase me around screaming but sadly I can not eat a power ball to eat them. :)

Here is a clip. Sorry I am moving around so much. I know it will make some of you dizzy. Notice Savannah signing "sit" when she sits down. Yes, I am so proud.

Savannah is pretty good at flipping over. Sophia and Tristan try but aren't quiet there yet. I just missed Savannah flipping over but you can see Sophia trying and Savannah rolling over. Oh, at the end you can see why the girls stay away from Tristan. I had to turn off the camera quickly to rescue Sophia.

Here is one of the few times Savannah has allowed Tristan near her. They love ring around the rosey.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Playtime outside.

It's another day in the life of this mom and her three children. Even the difficult days are special- not that today was difficult. I am grateful for the hard days- grateful when they are over. Buh du dum!

Today we ventured outside. It was a bit chilly when the sun ducked behind the clouds. Otherwise, it was lovely. I keep the kids in pjs all day lately. We are not going anywhere so I decided to have one (really three) less battle(s). I've even taken them to the grocery this way. I figure people have to understand, right?

I brought out the umbrellas and here are a few videos and pictures from our playtime outside (in their pjs). Notice Savannah is wearing boy pjs but she loves "choo-choos" and begs for them!

Not sure why it was a good idea to lay inside the umbrella. Maybe they are trying to figure out the purpose of an umbrella!

They will play nice once in a while. Here is Savannah pushing Tristan in the stroller. Notice he is holding a bucket of chalk. The chalk enters his hands as soon as we go outside and does not leave his hands until we go in. He rarely draws with it. He just likes to hoard it all.

Sophia says umbrella!

Tristan saying hey to a few family members. Sorry Cindie. I should have left off aunt and he would have said it!

Savannah allowed a little camera time. She fell yesterday on the sidewalk and busted her lip open. She gave the word umbrella a good try!

This last picture was taken a few days ago. Savannah loves to dress up. Here she is in my pullover sweater.