Friday, February 13, 2009

Pac-man, rolling over and ring around the rosey

This is the scene every time I vacuum. It reminds me of my all-time favorite arcade game, PacMan. The vacuum turns on and I take on the role of PacMan and the kids are the ghosts. They chase me around screaming but sadly I can not eat a power ball to eat them. :)

Here is a clip. Sorry I am moving around so much. I know it will make some of you dizzy. Notice Savannah signing "sit" when she sits down. Yes, I am so proud.

Savannah is pretty good at flipping over. Sophia and Tristan try but aren't quiet there yet. I just missed Savannah flipping over but you can see Sophia trying and Savannah rolling over. Oh, at the end you can see why the girls stay away from Tristan. I had to turn off the camera quickly to rescue Sophia.

Here is one of the few times Savannah has allowed Tristan near her. They love ring around the rosey.


melisa said...

So sweet! Did Savannah get a hair cut?

Judy said...

Those video clips are so cute! We do the Pac-man thing here when I vacuum, too! The boys love it!

kewd said...

So cute!!! The pac man video is so funny. And wow on the flips! My kids haven't attempted anything like that yet.


Triomomma said...

Melisa, Savannah got a cut a while back by mommy.

Thanks Judy and Wendy!