Thursday, January 15, 2009

Playtime outside.

It's another day in the life of this mom and her three children. Even the difficult days are special- not that today was difficult. I am grateful for the hard days- grateful when they are over. Buh du dum!

Today we ventured outside. It was a bit chilly when the sun ducked behind the clouds. Otherwise, it was lovely. I keep the kids in pjs all day lately. We are not going anywhere so I decided to have one (really three) less battle(s). I've even taken them to the grocery this way. I figure people have to understand, right?

I brought out the umbrellas and here are a few videos and pictures from our playtime outside (in their pjs). Notice Savannah is wearing boy pjs but she loves "choo-choos" and begs for them!

Not sure why it was a good idea to lay inside the umbrella. Maybe they are trying to figure out the purpose of an umbrella!

They will play nice once in a while. Here is Savannah pushing Tristan in the stroller. Notice he is holding a bucket of chalk. The chalk enters his hands as soon as we go outside and does not leave his hands until we go in. He rarely draws with it. He just likes to hoard it all.

Sophia says umbrella!

Tristan saying hey to a few family members. Sorry Cindie. I should have left off aunt and he would have said it!

Savannah allowed a little camera time. She fell yesterday on the sidewalk and busted her lip open. She gave the word umbrella a good try!

This last picture was taken a few days ago. Savannah loves to dress up. Here she is in my pullover sweater.


Shannon said...

So cute! I love hearing them talk! Madeline loves choo choo's too so we've done boy PJ's a lot. ;)

kewd said...

How cute Elizabeth!


Anonymous said...

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