Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Trip to Universal Studios Orlando

Jason and I have not been anywhere other than our hometown since finding out we were pregnant with the three little piggies. I've had an itch to see a new place for a while. On a tight budget, traveling isn't a cost friendly activity. But, we managed a day trip to Universal Studios while remaining in the black. An offer came in the mail for one entry free and $59.00 for the next adult to Universal Studios. The kids are still able to get in for no charge. The drive was only 1 hour and 45 minutes. I packed plenty of fruit and milk. So, our only charges were fuel and lunch. We did opt to use valet services which helped us out tremendously. Everyone had a great time. We arrived at opening time. There were no lines! The weather was cooler that day! The kids were fantastic! Savannah spent most of the rides with her head buried into Jason. Here is a picture of her while we were walking through a Dr. Seuss maze. Tristan and Sophia braved the rides. They were not smiling and laughing but they were alert and strong. Here they are in the same maze. The Dr. Seuss Landing was the most 2-yr old friendly event. They had a huge carousel, that we rode three times in a row. It was such a great opportunity to be there while lines were not an issue! Here are the carousel pictures. We also went on a wet ride. It was the first ride of the day. The look on Sophia's and Tristan's face pretty much was the same on all the rides. I think they had the most fun at the end of the maze. Everyone enjoyed a break from the scary stuff and a nice splash in the water. We stopped for lunch. Here is goofy Savannah and mommy. Three takes and finally we get the picture. After lunch we happened upon a Blues Brother concert. The kids had such a great time dancing and listening to the music. Here are a few videos of the sweetness! Please ignore my voice and madness.

It was a very relaxed trip (as relaxed as you can get with triplets). I am so glad we went and hope to make another trip to Orlando very soon


Christina said...

You always make raising those beauties look so fun and easy!!! Glad you had a good time, looks awesome!

Shannon said...

Looks like you had fun. You have to take them to Disney while they're still free!

We just went and it was fantastic!