Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jason passes the Florida Land Surveyor Exam, Savannah gets a patch and Sophia puts a button on her nose!

Life is always interesting in our house. There is rarely time to be bored and I am okay with that!

First, Jason is focusing on Civil Engineering work since his BA is in Civil Engineering. However, he thought it would be a good idea to become a licensed land surveyor as well. After all, he has been in that field since before time began. Finally, after jumping through the "are you qualified to take the exam" hoops he took all three exams and PASSED! He took all three exams consecutively over a three day period a couple of months back. This was during the time we were both working extra jobs to recover lost income. He had no time to study and prayed that he would pass. His goal was to at least pass two of the exams. Of course, he ultimately hoped to pass all three on the first go. He did it! He did it! He has always been the type to barely or not-at-all study! That is why going to school together was not a good idea! I would study until I could not see straight and he would barely study and get a better grade! I am truly proud of him and always think about how one day he will get smart and find out he got the short end of the stick in our marriage. He is destined to do great things and anything he desires.

So here he is with his test scores! It was his idea to pose as a jailbird.

Second set of news is Savannah needs glasses. We saw an opthomologist last week due to Savannah's right eye turning inward. During the exam she was able to read the picture chart to help the staff determine her vision impairments. The doctor repeated over and over how Savannah was the first two-year old to be able to read the picture chart (shapes of animals and a birthday cake) in her 25 years of work! It really helps me carry on doing what I am doing when others around me can point out their progress. So many days I feel as if my wheels are spinning as fast as possible but I am making no progress. Thank you to everyone who tells me that I am making a difference. Back to Savannah, she has Amblyopia (lazy eye) and Hyperopia (farsighted). The treatment is a patch over the stronger eye (left eye) to correct the weak eye (right eye). She is to wear the patch 5-6 hours everyday. Also, she has prescription for eyeglasses and we should have them this week or early next week. Unfortunately, I have to patch her "good" eye even though her glasses are not here yet. She has had some difficulties grabbing things or misjudging the width or distance of the seat (potty or chair). She is handling it all like a champ! I am amazed by her strength and my heart is filling up with warm fuzzy feelings just watching my child in utter amazement!

We call her patch a band-aid. She accepts it and embraces it because it does make her different. I think she likes having something of her own. I ordered eye patches that look like animals to slide over her glasses. I bought the patches online last week and they included a bracelet in our order that says, "Patching makes my eye stronger." Several little kids have asked about her eye and I tell Savannah to show her bracelet to them and I explain what the patch does for her. She is proud of her bracelet and her patch. Temporarily, I have adhesive patches that have girly designs on them. I can not wait for her glasses to come in so we don't have to snatch the band-aid off of her eye several times a day. It hurts! Here is my big, strong, cutie! She loves to say, "My band-aid. My bracelet." Notice the pj tops and bottoms do not match. See the pictures below of Sophia to understand why she is not matching.

Sophia wraps up our third set of recent events. It is minor but funny! Okay, not really ha ha funny but it makes me grin to see her new facial feature! She went down a slide head first, on purpose. Thankfully, the landing was padded by carpet. Her face stopped in the carpet but her body kept going. I was terrified when I saw it but relieved when she jumped up whimpering. This is the result of a nose landing! I told her to point to her sore.


Christina said...

Great update! Congratulations to Jason, what an awesome achievement! Your kiddos are so funny, you do such a great job with them!

melisa said...

I love that they are sharing the 'jammas!

kewd said...

Oh Elizabeth, you have a way with words :) Your posts always make me feel like I am sitting there talking with you instead of reading an online blog. Yay to Jason for passing the tests. I think Savannah is a rock star for handling the patch so well. And Sophia's nose must have hurt but it sure is cute :)

Wendy (gottagiggle&twins)

Triomomma said...

Why thank you Wendy! That is very kind. Thanks for the congrats Christina. Melisa I loved them sharing the pjs as well. So darn cute!