Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Look who is two!

What an event! I have realized that we get a money BREAK with having triplets on this one event. Having three children share the exact birthday means one big party, right? I guess that will work for a few more years.

The plan was to travel back to our hometown to celebrate with family and long-time friends. We wanted to have an outdoor park party with cake. Since the weather would not cooperate we went from a small budget party to a large budget party at a bowling alley. They had so much fun though. It was complete chaos but it was very memorable.

Each of my pumpkins had their own birthday cake. They truly enjoyed blowing out their candles and having Happy Birthday sung to each of them one by one in birth order.

We are very thankful for our friends and family. Their great aunts sent them birthday cards with money- already! I wonder if I got money at the age of two?

Here are some photos of the birthday and later with some of our presents.
First family photo of the day.

Sophia's Cake

Savannah's Cake

Tristan's Cake


Our Family said...

Happy birthday to your kiddos! I love the cakes. Mine would LOVE the Elmo one.

Triomomma said...

Thanks Deb!