Thursday, June 25, 2009

Monkey See!

Savannah's glasses arrived on Monday. We made it a family affair once Jason arrived home from work that evening.

Here she is on her ride to pick them up.

The whole gang went to watch this new journey.
First pose with her new "pink" glasses.
She asked to look in the mirror.

A few more pictures for weepy mom just before we left.
At home with her new patch. This patch slides right over the lense verses an adhesive patch.Overall, she has adjusted famously. She is proud of "my glasses". She has had times where she wants to remove them but she is easily convinced to put them back on. I guess like most things dealing with your children, it is harder on you than your child. She is beautiful and amazing. I am so proud of her!


Christina said...

She's cute!!! So cute!

kewd said...

Oh my gosh, Elizabeth, she is so freaking adorable! I am so glad she is doing well with them. What a doll.

Triomomma said...

Thank you Christina and Wendy! I appreciate your comments. :)