Monday, November 17, 2008

Precious moments like this...

Precious moments like this
I want to seal with a kiss
Forever tucked away in my mind
Not one single detail left behind
When we are old and grey
We will sit around and say
Thank you God for our life
The blessings, smiles and even the strife
For now we have precious moments like this
How beautiful to reminisce

Sometimes I allow myself to get caught up in the daily routines. You know the ones, cooking, cleaning, brushing teeth, dressing kids, changing diapers, and on and on. Then BOOM WHAM BANG I am knocked out of that state when I witness such pure sweetness. Last night all three kids curled up into Jason's lap. I have so many thoughts about this and I am sure I won't express them all. I can't. I was truly overwhelmed with joy, pride, love and so much more.

Tristan started off with his head on Jason's lap and that was precious. Then the girls came running and wanted in on the action. Tristan dutifully left when they arrived. He knows his sisters do not like to share a lap with him. Jason got the girls settled in and he asked Tristan to return. I just knew Sophia would be unhappy when her brother's head rested on her started rubbing his head. Here is a video and a picture.

This my friends is what makes life so sweet! Oh, and for those who know Jason...look he is smiling!


Anonymous said...

ahh that is so sweet! what a wonderful moment caught! Daddy looks very happy!

Sarah from MoMs

Anonymous said...

Very sweet. Life takes away so much from us, we are so busy trying figure it all out that we forget to just let it happen. You guys are truly blessed.

mizjan said...

They are so sweet, Jason included! Be sure and take some pics when the grandparents get there, so I can see some more of my family. This is a great blog, especially when I get to see some of my family this way! Keep up the good work, Beth! Love ya!

Christina (urlacherchick54) from MoMs said...

That is so sweet. Thank you for reminding me to take the time and cherish those moments.

HellcatJill said...

That is so incredibly sweet!