Tuesday, November 11, 2008

McRib Time and the Alligator Farm

What does the Alligator Farm have to do with a McRib? Answer is: NOT A THING. But the McRib deserves some praise. I love McRibs and they are baaack! My first McRib of the McRib season 2008. Thank you McDonalds for expanding my waistline! Now, now I am not one of those Americans that blames someone else for my woes. It's a joke!

Now to the kids...

The kids and I met up with two twin mommies today at the Alligator Farm. It was a great time! I am often surprised at how well my kids adjust and handle themselves when we are out(sometimes past nap time). We stopped to watch a noon feeding. The caretaker stood on a platform outside of the caged area and threw dead rats. Amazingly, the gators were not that aggressive with getting the rats. I also learned that gators have blind spots because of their long snouts. These alligators were huge! Very interesting. The kids could take it or leave it but giggled when I made the 'chomp' noise (probably because I looked crazy).

There is a glass window there.

X-rated pics here

While we were eating lunch we kept hearing these grunting noises. This was the scene. For the full effect turn up your sound. Yes, I am childish enough to post this. A little girl next to us kept asking what they were doing. It went on throughout our lunch. The keeper said it was a daily event. Good for them!

A few gator pictures.


Andrea+3 said...

So glad you got your mcrib! I found this just for you!
Make sure to tell J that its not nearly as bad as he thinks!

And omg at the turtles! How wrong is it that I'm jealous of those turtles! Sad, very sad... lol

Triomomma said...

Okay, now that I know (from what you wrote) that the website you want me to visit is going to list the ingredients...I am not going! LOL! **plugging ears and covering eyes while saying lalalala.*

mizjan said...

Great blog! I enjoy the pictures and writings. It's great to keep up with your adventures.

HellcatJill said...

OMG, I love the grunting! LOL!